Little Creatures - Antelope XIV Gilded

$40.00 AUD

"Little Creatures - Antelope XIV is an original, limited edition reduction linocut, featuring a gilded moon in the background. The moon has been added by hand-applying gold-coloured metal leaf to the print and it makes the moon really shine out of the print!

There are 47 Antelope prints in total, and there is only 1 in this particular colour scheme.  Because the print is a reduction linocut, no further originals can be printed, so once the 47 prints have sold, no further originals will be available.

If you are interested in how reduction linocuts are created, I have described the print process for "Little Creatures - Squirrel", here.  This particular print has been through the press 4 times (once for each colour you can see in the print other than white).  

Edition:  This print is a "unique state" (meaning that it is the only one in existence in this exact colour scheme).  It has been signed and numbered in pencil. My printmaking “chop” appears in pencil on the right of my signature

Paper: Velin Arches Blanc 300gsm (a beautiful, high quality, 100% cotton, acid-free printmaking paper)

Image size: 14.5cm wide x 14.5cm high

Paper size: Approximately 18cm wide x 18cm high (there are some minor individual differences, as the paper for each print is hand-torn)

Please note:

  • Each print is produced by hand, and has passed through the printing press multiple times to create the final image. As a result, all prints within an edition are unique, and your print may vary slightly from the images shown.
  • The colours of the print may also vary slightly from what you see on the screen (as computer monitors may display colours differently)
  • As the artist, I retain copyright in all works I produce. Copyright does not transfer upon sale.