Pip has been creating unique single plate and reduction linocuts for sale since 2010. She started out printing on a second-hand etching press she bought on eBay, in a garage with a leaky roof (so there was no printing when it rained!).  In 2019, she graduated to a new studio and a new Enjay printing press.


Pip's prints are inspired by animals, birds, flowers, plants, the sea, nostalgic items like Melbourne's Skipping Girl sign and Luna Park’s Mr Moon entrance and vintage curios like the old wooden horse puppet that inspired "Show Pony", below.  

You can read the story behind each of Pip's prints by clicking on the print image.

Pip’s original linocuts are all hand-carved and printed manually on a printing press.  Each print is individually signed and numbered.  The printmaking process she uses is explained here.  

Pip’s fine art prints are digitally reproduced versions of her original linocuts and are “open” (unlimited) editions.  The prints are professionally photographed and printed by a fine art print expert on 100% cotton "rag photo" paper.  This paper has a silky-smooth matte finish on a white base.  It gives superb image reproduction and excellent archival performance.

You can find out where Pip's works have been (and will be) exhibited here.   You can also catch up with her most recent works on Instagram.  

Pip's larger works are stamped with her red seal or “chop”, which symbolises her family, career and twin children. Pip designed the seal and had it carved by a Chinese seal-maker who lives in the States, Henry Li.  

Henry filmed the process of making the chop and posted the video on YouTube (you can check it out below if you are interested).  It's 18 minutes long, so grab a cup of tea!  Pip still uses this chop, and keeps it in the cute little box that you can see in the video.


Smaller works have the chop carved into the print image (eg see the Dragon Bird linocuts) or drawn in pencil after Pip's signature.

When she is not printing, Pip moonlights as a commercial lawyer (which helps her pay for paper and ink!).