Pip Matthews is a printmaker based in Melbourne, Australia.  She creates limited edition prints, including reduction linocuts, hand coloured linocuts and etchings.  Her works feature fictional birds, creatures, flowers, plants and nostalgic items, like Melbourne's Skipping Girl sign. Many also incorporate literary references, symbols and plays on words.

Pip is inspired by beautiful things - especially flowers, birds and animals - and also by printed and embroidered fabrics and vintage curios (like the old wooden horse puppet that inspired "Show Pony", the print above).  She loves playing with colours, shapes and patterns to create works that delight her - and hopefully others!

You can find out more about how Pip makes her limited edition prints here, and you can find out where her works have been (and will be) exhibited here.  You can follow Pip on Instagram by clicking the button at the foot of this page.  

Pip's larger works are stamped with her red seal or “chop”, which symbolises her family, career and twin children. Pip designed the seal and had it carved by a Chinese seal-maker who lives the States, Henry Li.  

Henry filmed the process of making the chop and posted the video on YouTube (you can check it out below if you are interested).  It's 18 minutes long, so grab a cup of tea!  Pip still uses this chop, and keeps it in the cute little box that you can see in the video.


Smaller works have the chop carved into the print image (eg see the "Dragon Bird" linocuts) or drawn in pencil after Pip's signature.

When she is not printing (or needs more money for ink and paper!), Pip moonlights as a commercial lawyer.