Jungle Paradise Birds B&W

$115.00 AUD

"Jungle Paradise Birds B&W" is a hand coloured linocut.  

This linocut was produced as I was making my Jungle Paradise Bird reduction linocut series.  As I was carving the lino, I decided the design would look great in black and white, so I put some through the press using black ink.  Because I had already carved out some areas of the design, I drew those sections back in, in black archival ink.

This print received a "Highly Commended” certificate at the Roberts McCubbin Art Show.

The Jungle Paradise Bird design is the evolution of an earlier linocut I made of a single "paradise bird" (a mythical creature).  In this print, two paradise birds are coming together over the flower that symbolises their love (yay!).  Where they come together, in the centre of the image, the jungle vines blossom around them.  Behind them (which represents the time before they found each other and fell in love), the jungle vines have no blossom.  The blossom represents the joys of falling in love.

Because of its symbolism, this print is a great engagement or wedding gift.

I created "Jungle Paradise Birds" in a 15 different colour schemes, as well as in black and white. There are 47 prints in total (in some cases there is only one unique state of a particular colour combination) and there are only 10 of the black and white version.

Edition: Edition of 10, each signed and numbered in pencil. My printmaking “chop” is also applied on the lower right hand side of the print

Paper: Aquarelle Arches hot press 300gsm (a beautiful, high quality printmaking paper made from 100% cotton)

Image size: 30cm wide x 21cm high

Paper size: Approximately 28.5cm high x 38.5cm wide (there are some minor individual differences, as the paper for each print is hand-torn.

Once these original  linocuts have been sold out, no further originals will be available for purchase.

Please note:

  • Each print is produced by hand. As a result, all prints within an edition are unique, and your print may vary slightly from the images shown.
  • The colours of the print may also vary slightly from what you see on the screen (as computer monitors may display colours differently)
  • As the artist, I retain copyright in all works I produce. Copyright does not transfer upon sale.